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Ref#: 515554539

Date published: 2-Dec-2016

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Job Description:

  • Manages the materials creation process from initial concept through to commercialization and production for assigned materials to lead to on time delivery, and development according to critical dates, product specification, sustainability, and performance and profitability goals.
  • Capable to lead project and communication among different counterparts.
  • Creates and revises appropriate documentation for assigned materials; ensures all appropriate development documentation is maintained including product specs and prototypes.
  • Tracks and facilitates sampling and prototyping for materials; identifies and addresses key issues and challenges in manufacturing and plans accordingly to deliver proven and tested materials. 
  • Monitors and communicates challenges throughout the testing process to meet materials integrity requirements.
  • Keeps abreast of market trends, new technology and consumer preference.
  • Collaborates with Manufacturing to drive the pricing process.
  • Serves as a technical advisor on materials to Product Developers.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 5 ~ 8 years’ experience in footwear companies preferred
  • Has education background or working experience in textile, synthetic leather or footwear industries
  • Preferred to have an engineering experience in the textile knitting/weaving machines 
  • Preferred to have deep understanding and knowledge about textile engineering/ construction and/or synthetic or natural leather
  • Need to work with material suppliers with technical/testing/supply support and information and be able to communicate on behalf of Nike needs
  • Efficient communication skills and strong written and verbal English skill
  • Uses SOP thought process
  • Assertive and not passive, ability to project or vendor manage with little direction
  • Willing to travel to overseas


Seja totalmente imerso em nossa cultura de curiosidade e inovação. Faça um estágio na área corporativa da Nike.

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