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Good Flow Planning Manager

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

The Goods Flow Planning Manager is responsible for the overall flow of Nike product from the time it leaves the manufacturer to the time it is delivered at our consumer.  The main responsibility of this role is to oversee how the product is flowing at all of the different stages in the supply chain and while ensuring there are no disruptions to the flow, continue to seek improvement opportunities on how we can get the product to our consumers more efficiently. 


  • Lead and develop three team members while always being a team player with other team members from Nike de Mexico.    
  • Collaborate with other functions to communicate risks/opportunities in flow of product for Nike Mexico. 
  • Create and communicate the short term and long term capacity planning for logistics functions to ensure we proactively mitigate risks. 
  • Must have a clear understanding of how decisions made in one area of the supply chain will impact another area of the supply chain.  
  • Work closely with logistics teammates to ensure fast and efficient product flow.

EXPERIENCE (Years in role, specific knowledge, etc.)

5 years experience in Logistics or Supply Chain


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