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Footwear Product Testing Analyst

Guangzhou, China, China

Job Responsibilities:

At NIKE, it’s all about the athlete. Footwear Product Testing works with NIKE’s creation teams to test new innovative footwear to ensure that it fits and performs up to the highest standards.  As our Product Testing Analyst, you’ll manage all aspects of testing; including planning, recruiting testers, running tests, analyzing data, report writing and program management. You'll use your understanding of footwear’s manufacturing processes combined with your understanding of the athlete to offer suggestions to the product team regarding material, component and construction options to meet the product's performance goals.  You’ll specify the performance issues that need attention prior to production.

The job entails spending large amounts of time with the athletes, and applicants need to be comfortable with frequent travel and not spending their full days at a desk.  Applicants should be comfortable in a locker room/courtside setting, and be able to easily relate to athletes.  Knowledge of product creation is desired.  Proven ability to follow a process flow is required.

Requirements for the position include:

  • Bachelor’s degree.  There is no restriction on actual degrees, but critical thinking skills are a must.  Fields such as Biomechanics, Sports Training, Engineering, or Sciences are preferred, but not required.  4 years related experience in lieu of a degree.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills. Native Chinese writing/speaking/reading/listening is required. Strong English is a must. The job requires frequent written and oral communicating with global counterparts in other countries, in addition to frequent test report writing. 
  • Enthusiastic Communicator. This job’s success relies on strong communication skills, either with athletes, coaches or NIKE colleagues. 
  • A Good Listener and patient for athletes. Many younger athletes are not good at expressing the thought in a logical way, so patience is needed in the conversation.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule. Some weartest teams train in the evening(6-8pm). Almost all the college players have class to take in day times, so the best time to connect with them (WeChat/Phone/Visit) is later afternoon or evening. 30-40% of the working hours WILL NOT be within 8am-5pm.
  • Detail-orientated. Able to analyze test information and subjective feedback in a concise and understandable manner.
  • Demonstrated computer skills, including familiarity with word processing, spreadsheet, database and statistical analysis procedures
  • Physical ability to life samples. Analyst will work alone while traveling. Lifting/moving the samples and walking up/down stairs are needed. 
  • Must able to handle dirty and smelly shoes to conduct durability inspection.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills are required.
  • A strong desire to learn and expand their current skills set.
  • Passion for sports. Analyst doesn’t need to have played at a high level, but sports knowledge and ability to relate to athletes/coaches is a must.
  • Passion for product. Not necessarily shoes, but the desire to make the best product possible.
  • 2 years' experience in footwear industry, product testing, development, marketing, engineering, retail, customer service or some combination is preferred.
  • Understanding of footwear components, materials, and inline production processes is preferred.
  • Relocation flexibility to Shanghai after one year in Guangzhou is highly preferred.


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