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CLC Communication Supervisor

TaiCang, China, China

This role  need to be responsible for managing overall daily public affairs with local government to maintain relationship and perform logistic center communication with external; it also requests to take the responsibility for supply chain/logistic event  at CLC  and team event include some coordination with partners

Coordination with local government:

·        Assist daily government related affairs, including communicate and coordinate between internally and externally, reception work when necessary;

·        With GPA team’s guidance, Write, consolidate, and maintain government related materials;

·        Assist applications for government subsidy projects;

·        Assist applications for government award and honors;

·        Timely attention and collect the government information, analysis, and interpretation related policies

Coordination with Supply Chain/Logistic related   

  • Responsible for DC related visit communication, include both CLC/CRW warehouse
  • Responsible for team’s communication for public events for internal and external 
  • Be responsible for team’s daily transportation communication and others
  • Be responsible for team event organization 
  • Bachelor degree; fluent English
  • More than 2 years work experience
  • Be skilled in Microsoft Office
  • Be careful and conscientious, strong sense of responsibility
  • Nice image, have strong communication and coordination ability and team spirit


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