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Senior Sustainability Consultant, Waste & Water

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Vietnam

  • Consult factory partners on Waste & Water environmental performance. Lead factory beyond compliance assessment process 
  • Provide consultation to factory level strategic planning & drive strategy deployment at factory level 
  • Solve complex problems in collaboration with partners & business leaders 
  • Drive factory environmental performance against public sustainability targets & other KPIs in terms of reducing waste and water usage and increasing recycling, reuse opportunities 
  • Eliminate of negative pathways, expansion of preferred pathways, drive closed loop strategies & maximize materials/resource yield & & oversee Waste management & recycling center (WMRC) operations 
  • Lead Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen Continuous Improvement in terms of driving manufacturing process optimization 
  • Lead and build capabilities in PDCA problem solving 
  • Partner in initiative project work with other departments within NIKE 
  • Share best practices with factory groups. 
  • Drive discipline for timely and accurate data management. 
  • Deliver factory and team capability building. 
  • Provide expertise to team and factories on waste and water management. 
  • Be a Sponge – Continually develop to stay up to date on the latest developments by discipline (government initiatives, incentives and changes in local legislation etc.) 

Job Requirements 

  • Environmental Management or Engineering University Degree - Additional industry experience (especially footwear, sporting goods or apparel manufacturing) preferred. Graduates in other engineering disciplines will also be considered. 
  • 3-5 years of experience in the field of environmental management/engineering or other manufacturing improvement related work. 
  • Specialization in the minimization of manufacturing process related environmental impacts as well as experience monitoring and maintaining a manufacturing product or process a plus. 
  • Knowledge of environmental performance improvement theory, protocols, trends and jargon. 
  • Knowledge of and experience with continuous improvement methodologies such as Lean Manufacturing/Toyota Production System, Six Sigma etc. a plus. 
  • Excellent English, oral and written communication skills as well as competence in using computer software programs. 
  • Good organizational skill and ability to work with little or no direct supervision. 
  • Good interpersonal skill, problem solving and communication skills. 
  • Willing to travel and work on the manufacturing production floor. 

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