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Colorist Job Description & Accountabilities

·        Responsible for all color development and to monitor seasonal vendor performance.

·        Responsible for building and maintaining working relationship with vendors, including regular vendor visits(inside Taiwan only) for reviewing and discussing color development and actively seeking their input/suggestions for color issues.

·        Responsible for issuing requests, reviewing labdips/production samples and keeping all tracking tools accurate such as PPS LAB DIP data entry and updated within given seasonal time-lines.

·        Support material integrity initiatives and ensure all specified quality standards are met.

·        Provides product quality expertise to category teams to ensure potential defects are identified and prevented at the design stage and provides input based on quality data analyses, supplier capabilities and performance history.

·        Provides product quality expertise to suppliers to ensure potential defects are identified before production and provides inputs based on supplier capabilities and performance history.

·        Reviews manufacturing plans to ensure manufacturing processes are capable of meeting specification and tolerance requirement consistently.

·        Performs process capability analyses to qualify critical specifications and processes and to provide for manufacturing process control implementation

·        Monitor bulk performance with respect to color and material quality and help in resolving issues.  

·        Provides support to suppliers & LO where necessary for new supplier evaluations and suppliers visits for training, problem solving, corrective action, and follow-up.

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