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Sustainability Professional II

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Vietnam

Drive compliance with Nike Code of Conduct, CLS’s, local laws and regulations across Nike Inc Factory Partners through managing, enabling and enhancing supplier compliance performance and capability to deliver Nike sustainability targets 

Compliance Monitoring 
  • Deliver ongoing monitoring program for Labor/HSE 
  • Deliver country-wide and supplier level issues through rootcause analysis, sustainable remediation, data analyisis 
  • Review quality of the audits conducted by external parties to ensure consistency and quality 
  • Review audit reports conducted by external parties and translate into Nike scoring system 

Supplier Capability 
  • Build supplier capabilities in SM&S standards, tools and processes
  • Provide coaching and consulting to enhance supplier capability through learning community events 
  • Provide coaching and consulting to suppliers about rootcause and remediation to prevent re-occuring issues 
  • Consult new suppliers for approval readiness to support business 

Data Analyis & Operation 
  • Track and analyse compliance data from all sources to identify trend, direct causes, rootcause 
  • Propose and recommend risk areas to focus to improve compliance performance based on data analysis 
  • Track and measure effectiveness of programs/initiatives through developing, reviewing scorecards 
  • Establish business relationships with  relevant internal and external stakeholders

  • Communicate & collaborate effectively to build credibility and influence 
  • Problem solving, result delivery, coaching, counseling, facilitating skill, flexibility 
  • Ability to think strategically, out of scope, with clear vision, deliverables, achivements of the team 
  • Knowledge about laws and industry: Nike CLS, comprehensive local laws, supplier operation 

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