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Senior Outbound Transportation Manager

Shanghai, China, China

-         Develop domestic transportation network strategy and align with company and department visions, organize both short-term and long-term functional business planning and related resource planning.

-         Responsible for daily outbound transportation management for different distribution channels (wholesale, DTC), including but not limited to:

1)       Manage operational and financial targets (e.g. On-time performance, budget)

2)       Support digital consumer moment events (e.g. double 11).

3)       Focus on last mile delivery excellence, especially for key accounts/stores/cities

4)       Improve E2E logistics flexibilities and responsiveness

5)       Strive for continuous process improvement (CPI) to drive more consumer satisfaction

-         Work with procurement on vendor selection and evaluation, manage the transportation contract and vendor KPI&QPR, build up robust vendor structure and develop strategic partnership to facilitate business growth in a sustainable manner.

-         Champion cross-functional initiatives by working collaboratively with transportation vendors and internal functions to enable a responsive supply chain.

-         As part of Global network team, play proactive role and demonstrate expertise to drive strategy alignment and cross-geo collaborations to deliver more business outcomes.

-         Handle customer complaints and transportation accidents, take effective preventive measures (e.g. BCP) for risk mitigation.

-         Work out solid plan together with vendors to continuously drive sustainability target (CO2 emission reduction).

-         Manage the team performance and elevate team capability to ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness.

-         Develop talent and make succession plan.

-         10+ years working experience in Logistics or Supply Chain experience inclusive of experience working in multiple business unit organization, minimum 5 years working experience in China domestic transportation management similar position level.

-         Experience in distribution center environment and in e-commerce related logistics operations. Familiar with online and offline, rich experience with reverse logistics management, retail industry is preferred.

-         Profound professional background and rich experience in China domestic transportation management (Air freight, Truck, Railway, Courier), also have solid knowledge and practice in vendor selection and performance management, cost control, strategic planning, and logistics management.

-         Solid knowledge and experience in logistics support related to retail store operations, e.g. regular store replenishment, store transfer, cargo return, E2E lead time optimization.

-         Excellent analytical and negotiation skills. Strong sense of responsibility.

-         Proven ability in leading key logistics related projects with strong team spirits.

-         Proven experience in TMS development and implementation.

-         Able to travel as required on short notices to domestic cities to support business requirements.

-         Sustainability concept and practice will be a plus.

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