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Seamless Operation Lead

Seoul, South Korea, South Korea

Division: Nike.Com
Team: Seamless Connect the Marketplace
Job title: Seamless Operation Lead
Work Location: Seoul

Role Description

Reporting directly to Seamless Director, Seamless Operation Lead will create a safe and environmentally compliant Seamless operations function. Develop internal skills that lead to best-in-class administration I seamless platform operation system, in product asset handling, and maintenance system stability.
Manage local third party operations and logistics relationships to ensure cost effectiveness and superior customer service which includes vendor management. 
Work closely with Nike partner business team to meet customer/athlete service expectations (e.g., product launch, fulfillment, platform stability and cost-effective delivery.) Develop and maintain strong customer relationships; including sharing of safety and Seamless Operations best practices.
Develop and implement procedures, practices, and policies to meet seamless goals (see, buy and get).

Primary Responsibilities:

- Manage and administrate client-based seamless platform operating system
- Monitor the system daily and respond immediately to security or usability concerns
- Provide technical support for both hardware and software issues when users encounter
- Partner with platform vendor to respond and resolve help desk requests
- Work closely with Field/Supply Chain operations vendor to collaboratively plan and execute optimized route plans for normal/Last mile delivery.
- Responsible for asset management. Manage all content (description & photos) by ensuring all permissions and rights are obtained, distribution is appropriate and communication is clear.
- Provide regular communication to Nike partner team regarding inventory level, safety stock, launch products and success stories. 
Minimum Requirements

- 5 years' experience as e-commerce, operations, IT Functional Lead, or similar position. 
- Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Management Information Systems, or a closely related field (foreign equivalent accepted) (will accept a three- or four-year bachelor's degree).

Technical Skillset

- Expertise in translating business requirements into technical requirements
- Detailed technical knowledge of Korea business systems, e-commerce platform, Supply Chain/Order Mgmt/WMS.
- Working knowledge of both Retail and Digital e-commerce
- Working knowledge of front-end application development, CMS, and/or consumer UX preferred but not mandatory

Aptitude Skillset

- Proven ability to collaborate effectively across multiple functions and levels between territory and Geo teams
- Ability to creatively solution “outside the box” as needed
- Ability to see the “big picture” as well as work in the details
- Ability to build relationships and informally influence others in order to meet deadlines
- Ability to work independently in a self-motivated manner, with limited direction
- English and Korean fluency

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