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NSP Partner Manager

Miguel Hidalgo, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Partner Manager directly manages the relationship and drive strategy with our Nike Store Partners. This role ensures our partners’ seasonal, annual and long term plans are in line with the NSP Mission, Vision and Strategy. Territory PDs collaborate across functions to drive premium executions and mutual profitability for their partners.

Provide exceptional service to our Partners by developing and maintaining strong relationships with key Partner personnel. Work with Business Planner, Retail Planner, and Partner to ensure sales, margin and inventory turn goals are achieved on a Seasonal Basis, working across functions to maximize results.


Solicit, monitor and respond to partner feedback by working across functions

§ Own the partner assessment process

§ Supervise new contract preparation and renewals and negotiate contract terms

§ Work with the NSP GM and partners to build 1-3 year strategies for the fleet and


§ Partner with the DOS/DSM offense to complete the NSP fleet review 2x a year,

ensuring that we are on strategy, and leveraging learnings and findings to develop

action plans and strategies for the future.

§ Assist retail planners and merchandisers in communicating seasonal assortments

to partners and relay feedback on assortments back to merchandising and


§ Work with business planner, retail planner, and partner to ensure market and

customer capacities are met through seasonal product flow by month

§ Understand all key aspects of the partner business, across all functions

§ Partner on the development of the partner’s seasonal, annual and long term

plans based on an understanding of the partner’s consumer base.

§ Manage performance and profitability of Nike’s NSP business, including tracking

Gross to Net performance

§ Implement trade terms with partners

§ Monitor performance and profitability of the partner’s NSP business

through quarterly reviews with partners

§ Coach, lead and inspire a team of Business Managers/Leads, and set their

individual goals that align with NSP strategy

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