Marketplace Merchandising Manager - Taiwan & Hong Kong (based in Shanghai)

Shanghai , China, China

Ref#: 515555545

Job Function: Merchandising & Product Management

Date published: 12-Jun-2017

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Scales brand module grids to create multi-category assortments for channel / tier and / or account. This role elevates Converse by ensuring the brand vision comes to life for the consumer at all retail destinations market wide. Across footwear, apparel, and accessories, plus men’s women’s and kids (TBD).

•Drives geo cross-gender and product type / concept assortment direction to ensure a holistic premium, differentiated, and integrated marketplace

•Provides channel / tier and account insights for incorporation into Marketplace Capacity & Insights

Create multi-product type assortments for the geo from channel / tier to account catalyzing concept through the rest of fleet
Deliver geo merchandising seasonal channel, account, banner strategies, and assortments to Sales
Deliver assortment and investment plans for Best Expression assortments and Store cluster assortments as needed
Determine category prioritization and module investment within a channel / tier or  account
Determine account differentiation needs
Provide channel, tier, and account input into Marketplace Capacity and Insights
Seek & Serve up marketplace opportunities to Geo Brand Merchandising & GSP.
Complete geo hind sighting and adapt assortments as needed
Review bookings of Minimum Credible Assortment and Best Expression assortments against KPI targets at channel /account level
Determine breadth, size, and color of channel / account assortments
Partner with Retail Planner to provide information needed as they determine depth

Internal Partners:

Brand Merchants
Key Account Sales & Brand
Business/Retail Planners
DTC Team
Geo Merchandising Operations
Geo Retail Brand Presentation
Territory Marketplace Merchandising Team
Global Brand Merchandising Team
Global Regional Product Creation 
Global Strategic Product (GSP)


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