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Ekin Experience Manager, Marketing

Tokyo, Japan, Japan

About EKIN

Phil Knight is the first EKIN to the company. In the beginning stages of the company, he went to Track & Field events and talked directly with coaches and athletes*. He listened to them and come back with information and products to help improve their performance. His personal interaction was something no one else in the industry was doing at that point in time.  As a result, NIKE rapidly built a grass roots reputation toward the company as being really taking care of athletes*.


In 1980s, NIKE growth start being accelerated and we became a big company.  In order to keep the grass roots culture alive, the EKIN program was created. During this time, an EKIN was an appropriate name for a person who knew NIKE inside and out, backwards and forwards. They became known as “road Warriors” as they hit the road with passionate sense of mission; literally talking about NIKE with anyone who would listen. They developed “clinic” presentations for retailers that showcased the technical innovation and performance advantages of NIKE product. Retail education continues to be the primary focus for the EKIN program.


EKINs as they were from the birth of the program to present day, exist to always put the end first. TO EDUCATE and INSPIRE through the stories of Nike product innovation.

To always stay connected and be eyes and ears for NIKE.

To Listen. To Watch. To Learn.


Global, yet the same time: Small, Local and Personal.

On the Court, Tracks, Field, and Retail Floor.

We serve Athletes, Our Consumer.

They are why we exist.


At Nike we see EKIN as a source of our core DNA and as an engine of competitive advantage. As our EKIN manager, you will play a critical role in supporting corporate brand vision that we serve athletes* with best of Nike. This position exists to help develop tools and strategies to drive sell through of Nike products through retail in-store and offsite training programs and digital platforms. Evangelization of Nike's brand and product stories by means of personal consumer experiences, and providing local qualitative marketplace insights.  As well as, to be an ambassador of Nike heritage and values within both EKIN network and the community at large. 

As the lead of EKIN Experience, you will be responsible for the adaptation and implementation of the seasonal directives ensuring comprehensive, high-level consumer education practices across all categories. With a sharp focus on consumers, the EKIN manager will collaborate with Category Brand and Account Retail Brand Managers to ensure product knowledges, experiences ad services are implemented.  Responsible for for driving a culture of premium service as a foundation amongst all retail athletes. A brand ambassador.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Lead, develop and manage the execution of athlete trainings including, but not limited to, EKIN university/camps, in-store clinics, new door openings, Ambassador trainings and brand events in key stores and environments with category experiences within the Territory.
  2. Be a strategic partner in the planning and execution of athlete recruitment and trialing for store openings, remodels and events and ensure highest level of service standards.

  3. EKIN as Nike’s trusted voice: manage and monitor Territory executions and facilitate recaps, feedback and insight process with Territory and Geo EKIN team.

  4. Collaborate with Geo EKIN team to contribute to the development of consumer education strategies to ensure Territory teams have adequate knowledge of training standards, techniques and receive relevant tools to drive programs within Territory.

  5. Be a strategic partner with Geography teams, Territory management and other key business partners to set category and channel/account focus that is reflective of Territory priorities.  Ensure marketplace plans and execution supports overall Brand/Category strategy and direction. Maximize opportunities to connect with sales associates and consumers to collect product and intiative wins/feedback.

  6. Develop and drive strong presentation and training skills within the team.

  7. Collaborate with Geo EKIN team on the development of EKIN seasonal plan and strategies. Collaborate with Territory Nike Direct team (Product Training Captains) on traning odules and training plans.


  • Typically requires as a 4 year college degree.  5 years+ directly relevant work experience.  Past sport or retail experience is preferred - recognized as expert in company & industry.
  • Proficiency in English and Japanese – Native level in Japanese & Business level English proficiency.  Minimum TOEIC 800+.
  • Familiarity with Geography, marketplaces, sport scene and consumer.  Understanding of Nike culture, history and products.
  • Demonstrates strong ability to communicate effectively, adapt style to different audiences.
  • Ability to coordinate, guide, and communicate information clearly and with passion and confidence. Effective time management and strategic planner. Positive attitude, encouraging and supportive.
  • Passion for sport, the Nike brand and for service. Strong team player, committed to Nike and making a difference.  Demonstrates strong results orientation; achievement motivated.  Demonstrates ability to solve problems creatively.  Open to new ideas and suggestions, adapts quickly to new ideas and structures. 
  • Strong coach to EKIN team - Grow team’s capability and capacity through coaching, via providing enabling feedback and supervising daily work.  Actively being involved in knowledge and skill tranfer to the team members. 2+ years experience as a manager (or equivalent role with people and team management).

Note to Recruitment Agencies: NIKE is not accepting candidate submissions from recruitment agencies NIKE does not have existing contracts with. NIKE will not be responsible for payment of recruitment fees for hiring of candidates whose resumes were submitted to NIKE employees or NIKE offices without NIKE’s prior permission.

人材紹介事業者の皆様へ:  NIKEでは、現在契約締結済みの人材紹介会社以外からの人材の紹介、斡旋等はお受けしておりません。NIKE社員やその他のNIKEオフィス宛てに応募希望者の履歴書をお送りにならないようお願い致します。NIKEの事前の許可なく送信された場合、NIKEは、その後希望者ご本人が採用された場合でも関連する費用の支払いにつき、一切の責任を負いません。

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