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Director, Country Costing


Drive the country costing operation in support of modernization, innovation & product creation of Vietnam based independent partners, and the associated manufacturing and in country development operations of Taiwan, Korea, and China based partners

Key Responsible 

Lead and inspire cost execution teams to enable objective and fact based product costing decision making.
Lead with ARO and NCF on Partner adherence to costing standards and policies in FOB Quoting and Confirmation process.
Provide strategic consultation to improve product profitability through the design, development, and implementation of product cost strategies that enable categories/country to meet/exceed margin targets.
Partner with Regional Costing Director in the development and evolution of an integrated long-term strategic agenda for Global Costing that is consistent with Nike’s Global Footwear Strategic Plan and Priorities with an emphasis on improved profitability and margins.
Engage on strategic investment discussions with partners and ensure visibility of opportunities for NLO, ARO, GSM leadership and Product Creation stakeholders.

Core competencies

  • End to end integration
  • Lateral thinking
  • Ability to lead and develop teams
  • Ability to motivate and drive results indirectly
  • Understanding of the end to end value chain
  • Understanding of how to activate capabilities in NXT, GSM and product creation in a seamless way to deliver scalable responsiveness
  • Strong facilitation and problem solving skills

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