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Taipei City, Taipei, Taiwan

·         Responsible for all color development and to monitor seasonal vendor performance.

·         Responsible for building and maintaining working relationship with vendors, including regular vendor visits (inside Taiwan only) for reviewing and discussing color development and actively seeking their input/suggestions for color issues.

·         Responsible for issuing requests, reviewing labdips/production samples and keeping all tracking tools accurate such as PPS LAB DIP data entry and updated within given seasonal time-lines.

·         Support material integrity initiatives and ensure all specified quality standards are met.

·         Textile degree (Textile Technology/Textile Chemistry/Textile Manufacturing) and/or holder with 2-3 years working experience as Colorist/Quality Engineer/fabric buyer/merchandiser. Previous experience worked in textile mill is preferred.

·         Must have Color Discrimination Skills represented by a score of 16 or less using the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test. A hue test will be conducted at the beginning of the interview. If the score fails, the interview will be terminated immediately.

·         Strong analytical skill and able to work with numbers and trends.

·         Strong verbal and written communication skills in English and Mandarin.

·         Ability to work independently, proactive, self-motivated, positive work attitude, attention to detail, organized, strong sense of responsibility.

·         Understanding of computers as a tool for report, research and communication. Good Excel skill is important

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